Marketing Social Media

Marketing Social Media

To be successful in this virtual world, businesses know they need an online presence to drive sales, increase brand recognition, and engage in an impactful way with customers.

More than ever, consumers are looking to social media first for reviews on products and services, and checking out the companies that sell them before they purchase.

The problem is, social media and online marketing require nearly constant management to stay current, and most small businesses just don’t have the hours needed to devote to it.

At VirtualHelpDesk, you’ll get an experienced social media virtual assistant to stay on top of all your online profiles and content for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house, or outsourcing to a social media management company.

Did you know: The average salary for a personal assistant is $39K per year, and outsourcing to a social media management company can cost any where from $36K to over $200K, but a VirtualHelpDesk virtual assistant is only around $4 to $16K per year. Plus, with a VirtualHelpDesk assistant you get a lot more than just social media management support. They can help with inbox management, scheduling, purchasing, research, and much more!

Get the Social Media Experience You Need

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Beyond understanding how to post a blog article or create a Facebook page for your business, you need a social media virtual assistant that has experience with managing the various sites and platforms used in online marketing.

Our VirtualHelpDesk virtual assistants have experience with:

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