Project Management

Project Management

Scheduling appointments and meetings may seem to be the most simple and basic of tasks, but it’s actually deceptively time consuming and can be very complex.

A good virtual scheduling and planning assistant can save you hours each week, and make you more productive by keeping your calendar organized and efficient.

At VirtualHelpDesk, we know that scheduling items are usually time sensitive, so they are always given the priority over other tasks.

Our virtual assistants have years of experience in calendar management, and are trained on the most effective methods for fast, error-free scheduling.

We can help you with:

  • Scheduling meetings and conference calls
  • Sending out action items and daily itineraries
  • Managing calendars and appointments

Time Management Made Easy

We all have tasks that we don’t have time to do, we aren’t good at doing, or we just dislike. For most people, scheduling is at least one of those, if not all three.

By delegating the management of your appointment calendar to a VirtualHelpDesk assistant, you free up your time for the things you’d rather do.

Get a real live dedicated assistant

There’s a lot of buzz about AI scheduling programs, but so far the problems outweigh the benefits. Often, the complexity of managing multiple appointments and calendars requires the ability to reason, to adjust parameters, and to see potential problems before they arise.

Your VirtualHelpDesk virtual assistant will be able to learn all your preferences and make real-time decisions based on your needs. Simplify scheduling within your own company

Often, the majority of meetings and conference calls that need scheduling are with other people in your own organization. You can skip all of the back and forth of trying to find available times for everyone by letting your VirtualHelpDesk assistant handle it all.

Simply share them on all the calendars of your team or office, and your virtual assistant will find the best option for the meeting. They can also:

Invite everyone to meetings

Add any notes, action items, links, and/or agendas in meeting invitations Send reminders to everyone before meetings Manage more than just your business schedule

Chances are, work meetings are not the only thing on your calendar right now. Every day, you have dinner reservations to be made, doctors appointments to schedule, and haircut appointments to book.

If sitting on hold to make an appointment is not on your agenda, let your virtual assistant take care of your personal scheduling as well.

The bonus? They can also keep track of which appointments are recurring (like a yearly checkup, or a monthly nail appointment) and take care of setting them without you even having to ask.

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